Collect Outs

Collect Outs

We work across a wide range of industry sectors and offer the following services:

Debtor Management for Insolvency Practitioners (IP’s)

  • Conducting industry best reviews to assess realisation rates of debtor books.
  • Recommending and implementing collection strategies.
  • Managing the credit department in a “trade on’ situation to ensure that realisations on both the “trade on” sales and the debtors at appointment are maximised.
  • Managing the “collect out” of the debtor book in a “shut down” situation, working with a specialist law firm or collection agency to maximise debtor realisation rates.
  • Providing high quality reporting to maintain controls on the recovery of the debtor book and realisation rates.

Invoice Financing Collect Outs

  • Developing collection strategies where the invoice finance facility has been terminated.
  • Managing the “collect out” of the debtor book engaging a specialist debt recovery firm to maximise debtor realisation rates.
  • Customised reporting to track debt realisation rates against the cost of collection.

Finance Companies (Commercial Loans) and Insurance Companies Debt Recovery Management Service

  • Review portfolio of loans/policies in default and recommend appropriate collection strategy.
  • Manage the collection process engaging specialist debt recovery firm where appropriate.
  • Regular reporting to monitor ongoing collection costs and recovery rates.
Gerald Barnes, principal of WTC, is an expert in developing and implementing customised cost-effective collection strategies

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